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  • Garden City Mega City

    SKU: 97898144280604

    Garden City Mega City is a collaboration between WOHA Architects and Patrick Bingham-Hall.


    Garden City Mega City is a proposal to save our cities... in order to save our planet. The growth of mega cities is destroying our planet, and it concerns all of us. City planning and construction is no longer the preserve of specialists, as the biggest decisions must be made by society at large.

    This book has two halves. One presents the Mega City set of problems, and the second half provides a Garden City set of solutions.


    Garden City Mega City illustrates the depressing realities of life in the mega cities, and documents the ill-advised planning decisions that created such blighted environments.

    But Garden City Mega City also proposes an escape from what appears to be an inevitable fate, one of terminal dysfunction.


    Mega cities have been re-imagined as 21st century garden cities - dense and vertical, yet sociable and sustainable. The fundamental strategies and principles of these new garden cities are explained and illustrated, as are WOHA’s large-scale prototypes : many of which have already been built.


    Essays on the current plight of urban Asia, and an overall analysis of WOHA's strategies are written by Patrick Bingham-Hall. The book is abundantly illustrated by contextual photos, as well as detailed images of WOHA's proposals and completed projects.


    Garden City Mega City has been a worldwide best-seller since its publication in mid-2016, and has already become required reading on the syllabus for architectural, urban planning and built envronment departments.


      • Date of Publication : May 2016
      • ISBN : 978-981-4428-06-04
      • Dimensions : 200 x 250 mm (Portrait)
      • Extent : 384 pages
      • Format : Tête Beche

      WOHA was formed in 1994 by Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell, and has long been acknowledged as one of Asia’s most innovative and influential urban design practices.

      Patrick Bingham-Hall is a writer and photographer who has worked closely with WOHA for many years.


      Wong Mun Summ, Richard Hassell