• Troppo

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    Historically the phrase ‘going troppo’ came into prominence during World War II. It meant to be ‘heat affected’, one went ‘off’, a little mad in the heat of the tropics.


    This is the story of two architects, Phil Harris and Adrian Welke, who ‘went troppo’, but in doing so found another state.


    For them it meant becoming acclimatized, not going off at all, but understanding the place. ‘Going Troppo’ was revealing – even enlightening – and it would provide the basis for a new practice of architecture in Darwin and the Top End of Australia.


    This monograph documents the evolution of Troppo’s architecture, from the colourful and occasionally polemical early days in Darwin through to their acceptance as one of Australia’s most admired practices.


    Featuring Troppo’s set of ten thematic constants, the book is now a standard text on tropical and environmentally-attuned architecture.


    This book is one of the best-selling books ever published on Australian architecture.


    However, the underlying message is not specifically Australian... it is universal.


    In terms of common-sense design and totally sustainable construction... Troppo were ahead of their time.


      • Date of Publication : 1999 (First Edition), 2005 (Second Edition)
      • ISBN : 978-0-9577560-1-4
      • Dimensions : 230 x 300 mm (Landscape)
      • Extent : 112 pages 
      • Format : Hardback with Slip Cover

      Written by Philip Goad

      Photographed by Patrick Bingham-Hall

      Editor – Patrick Bingham-Hall


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