Tropical Arts and Crafts - Guz Wilkinson
  • Tropical Arts and Crafts - Guz Wilkinson

    SKU: 9781877015298

    Edited by Patrick Bingham-Hall


    Text and photography by Patrick Bingham-Hall


    The unique architecture of Guz Wilkinson responds directly and delightfully to the tropical landscape and climate. The designs of his houses reveal a passionate and ever-inventive imagination, and display a freedom of expression derived from his early devotion to the Arts and Crafts movement. The houses are both beautiful and functional, always demonstrating a respect for the environment and provide a template for sustainable 'green' tropical design in the 21st century.

    The relationship between the house and its garden is fundamental to the architecture, and many of the houses - replete with luxuriant landscaping and water gardens - are object lessons in passive environmental design. Guz Wilkinson is acknowledged as one of South East Asia's most innovative architects, and this book thoroughly details all his completed houses. Individual project descriptions and a lengthy introductory essay are writen by Patrick Bingham-Hall, and each house is illustrated by plans, sketches, and extensive colour photography.

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      Text and Photographs Patrick Bingham-Hall


      Guz Wilkinson


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