A Short History of Melbourne Architecture
  • A Short History of Melbourne Architecture

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    Introductory Essay by Philip Goad


    Project text by Katrina Place


    Photographs by Patrick Bingham-Hall


    Melbourne’s architects have always reveled in the artifice of architecture and formal experiment. The city currently possesses a myriad of architecture cultures, which all simultaneously offer opinions as to what might constitute an appropriate architecture for the city.


    Melbourne’s pluralistic culture is nurtured by an intense self-awareness of Melbourne architectural history... the quality of its streets, its grid, its gardens, and its often wayward and obsessive preoccupation with ideas.


    The intensity of Melbourne’s history of architecture is matched by the city’s volatility in the face of economic fortune.


    A Short History of Melbourne Architecture depicts the flamboyance, the virtuosity, and the cerebral energy, which has characterised all Melbourne’s architectural cycles.


    The mid 19th century Gold Rush created the ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ of the 1880s. Self-assertion was regained as the city touted itself as ‘Australia's cradle of modernity’ in the 1950s.


    This attitude and willingness to experiment prevailed, and eventually flourished with the globally acclaimed architecture of contemporary Melbourne.




      • Date of Publication : 2002
      • ISBN : 978-1-887015-03-2
      • Dimensions : 130 x 150 mm (Landscape)
      • Extent : 120 pages 
      • Format : Hardback with Slip Cover

      Text by Philip Goad and Katrina Place

      Photographer by Patrick Bingham-Hall

      Edited by Patrick Bingham-Hall


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