Houses for the 21st Century
  • Houses for the 21st Century

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    Houses for the 21st Century was edited by Patrick Bingham-Hall and Geoffrey London.


    Essays were written by Anoma Pieris, Geoffrey London, Paul Walker, Justine Clark, Amanda Achmadi, Pirak Anurakyawachon and Philip Goad.


    All photography is by Patrick Bingham-Hall


    The houses featured in this book are located in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.


    This diverse yet geographically connected region is marked by a history of climate-responsive architecture. It is also marked by extreme disparities between wealth and poverty, and by the legacies of colonial occupation.


    The search for an independent cultural identity, and for an architecture that is emblematic of that identity, is a recurring characteristic of the region. The architecture examined in this book is refreshing, fashioned directly by political, social and climatic pressures, together with powerful individual ideas, resulting in a wide range of formal responses.


    Houses for the 21st Century provides a comprehensive overview, suggesting possibilities that may have resonance beyond the region.


    Thirty-six houses are documented with photographs, drawings and project text.


    Featured architects include Adi Purnomo, Architecture Workshop, SCDA, Seksan Design, Donovan Hill, Karn Boontarik, Stutchbury and Pape, Ahmad Djuhara, Shyamika Silva, Anupama Kundoo, Cheong Yew Kuan, Fearon Hay, Ngiom, Tinakorn Rujinarong, Tan Kok Meng and Ling Hao, Blacket Smith, Kevin Low, Vijitha Basnayaka, Clinton Murray, CSYA, Boonlert Hemvijitraphran, Mitchell and Stout, Sean Godsell, Hiranti Welandawe, Dominic Dube, Danial Sanjaya, Jane Weatherall and Geoffrey Warn, Pornchai Boonsom, Peter Skinner and Elizabeth Watson-Brown, WOHA, and Kerstin Thompson



      • Date of Publication : 2003
      • ISBN : 978-1-887015-10-6
      • Dimensions : 230 x 250 mm (Portrait)
      • Extent : 224 pages 
      • Format : Hardback with Slip Cover
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