A Short History of Brisbane Architecture
  • A Short History of Brisbane Architecture

    SKU: 9780957756090

    Introductory essay by Michael Keniger

    Project text by Patrick Bingham-Hall

    Photography by Patrick Bingham-Hall


    The sub-tropical architecture of Brisbane is the most original and distinctive of all the Australian cities.


    Early colonial houses and public buildings were characterised by the requirements for shade and ventilation, and the city's hilly topography.


    Wide verandahs, elegant timber-work, steeply pitched roofs, and elevation from the ground have defined a unique regional style.


    A Short History of Brisbane Architecture tracks the city's architectural evolution from the first convict structures of 1828 through to the present day.


    The gracious houses and beautiful public buildings of the Victorian period are illustrated, as are the refined and elegant buildings of Robin Dods.


    The best work of Brisbane’s most influential modern architects is featured, along with the celebrated recent architecture of the Sunshine Coast.


    Recent architects include Andresen O’Gorman, Donovan Hill, Rex Addison, Russell Hall, James Birrell, Robin Gibson, John Dalton, Gabriel Poole, John Mainwaring, and Lindsay and Kerry Clare.


      • Date of Publication : 2001
      • ISBN : 978-0-9577560-9-0
      • Dimensions : 130 x 150 mm (Landscape)
      • Extent : 120 pages 
      • Format : Hardback with Slip Cover

      Edited by Patrick Bingham-Hall

      Essay by Michael Keniger

      Project Text and Photography by Patrick Bingham-Hall


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