A Spirit of Place : The Village House
  • A Spirit of Place : The Village House

    SKU: 978-981-4428-07-1

    This is not really a book about a house, nor is it a book about an architect and his work. It is a book about a place in Gujarat, India.


    The place is called the Village House, but it is actually a village, a village of houses and gardens. It is a secluded retreat, and both the architectute and the landscape are self-referential, but never self-indulgent.


    It is an idealised village, at once a humble place and a beautful place. And most of all, it has a spirit of place, inspired by a creative process that combined intuition and spontaneity with calculated calibration.


    The architect for this wonderful project was Hiren Patel


    The book is a piece of art in itself, with Patel's watercolours sharing the pages with lush colour photographs.


    Written and photographed by Patrick Bingham-Hall.


      • Date of Publication : November 2019
      • ISBN : 978-981-4428-07-1
      • Dimensions : 210 x 210 mm (square)
      • Extent : 96 pages
      • Format : Hardback

      Patrick Bingham-Hall


      Hiren Patel.


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