Philip Cox : An Australian Architecture

Philip Cox is one of the most significant and influential architects in Australia’s history. He came to prominence with several finely crafted and structurally innovative buildings in the mid-1960s. His fusion of architecture with engineering created a highly distinctive form of structural expression, which reached its zenith in the 1980s and 1990s, when his white-steel public buildings symbolised a nation’s emerging self-confidence.


For Cox, whose influences and motivations lay well beyond the confines of formal expression, the spirit of his time is integral to an understanding of his work. This book is thus a review of a very public architect’s life and times, and a comprehensive documentation of his many and varied projects, the most recent of which were completed in Asia.


Written and photographed by Patrick Bingham-Hall. 

Dimensions                   240 x 280 mm (portrait) Hardcover.

Extent                              240pp

Turner : Transforming the City

Transforming the City is a monograph on one of Australia’s most enlightened architectural practices. Since their inception nearly twenty years ago, Turner have focused upon the urban regeneration of Sydney, a city whose unchecked growth has been creating unprecedented environmental damage and draining public expenditure.


The book constitutes a case study of a newly prerequisite approach to architecture and urban development in the 21st century. Turner are urbanists whose architecture is determined by the holistic understanding of what a city needs to be in order to provide individual and community amenity, whilst simultaneously reframing its infrastructure and modes of settlement to ensure a sustainable existence. 


Written and photographed by Patrick Bingham-Hall. 

Dimensions                   240 x 340 mm (portrait) Softcover.

Extent                              240pp

WOHA : Architecture and the City

WOHA have been widely acclaimed throughout the architectural world, both for their inventive proposals for a completely sustainable future and for the pure architectonic quality of their built work. 


The Singapore-based architectural practice is acknowledged as the most successful and innovative in Southeast Asia, and this extensively illustrated book comprises a comprehensive overview of all their architecture from 1995 to 2020, as well as documenting the evolution of their proposals and strategies.

The book contains an extended essay by Patrick Bingham-Hall, a detailed examination of WOHA’s twelve most significant built projects, and a complete chronology of their schemes and completed works.


Written and photographed by Patrick Bingham-Hall. 

Dimensions                   220 x 260 mm (portrait) Hardcover.

Extent                              320pp

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