Title: No Boundaries
Subtitle: The Lien Villas Collective
ISBN: 9781877015274
Pages: 160pp
Format: 240x260
Price: SGD $60

Text by Chang Jiat Hwee, Ko Shiou Hee, Franklin Po and John Seddon
Introduction by Kengo Kuma
Photography by Patrick Bingham-Hall

The architecture of the Lien Villas Collective was inspired by a unique proposal to build six villas – without boundaries – on a beautiful sloping site in suburban Singapore. Each villa was designed by an emerging Singapore architectural practice, and these six architects then participated in a process of consultation and information-sharing to produce a collection of individually imaginative houses within a harmonious environment and landscape. This experiment in theoretical and practical collaboration, which represented an unprecedented opportunity in Singapore architecture, was provided by the vision of the landowner and the masterplanner. The commission has only a few international precedents, notably the Commune by the Great Wall (in China) and Nexus II (in Japan). A sensitive landscaping masterplan was crucial to the success of the project, and an existing villa – the historic home of the Lien family – was retained and restored, and now sits at the heart of the new development.

No Boundaries explains the ideas behind the masterplanning and the landscaping of the project, and examines in detail the architecture of the individual villas. Ministry of Design, Zarch Collaboratives, PODesign, K2LD, Metropolitan Office Experimental and Terre represent a new generation of Singapore architects, and this book is a timely assessment of the work of this new generation, and an indication of potential directions for domestic architecture in a city that is being shaped by so many of the geo-political forces of the 21st century.

A meticulous and cogent essay by Chang Jiat-Hwee explores the nature of the architectural collaboration, and the individual, reciprocal and divergent design processes. The masterplanner, Ko Shiou Hee of K2LD Architects, writes of the strategy – the ‘Game Theory’ – underpinning the entire project, and Franklin Po and John Seddon explain the landscaping principles employed by Tierra Design. An interview with Vincent Lien articulates the philosophy of the client and the history of the site. All photography is by Patrick Bingham-Hall, and No Boundaries is introduced by Kengo Kuma, the renowned Japanese architect.